Développement de la partie internationale du site web immobilier avec @instashapeshift , gros travail d'interaction et de transition de pages

Design de l'affiche Brocante Urbaine 2 qui débute aujourd'hui à @instedlyon !

Création de l'affiche de l'événement 'la Belgitude' d'@instedlyon avec les bières @beerproject_bxl et le foodtruck @rockets_boulettes_

Proposition graphique pour les @nuits_sonores

☉ Proposition graphique pour le festival @festivalportolatino en Corse! Un appel au voyage pour ce festival qui prone l'ouverture culturelle.

Proposition graphique pour le festival @woodstower_ , acidulé et coloré à souhait!

Proposition graphique pour le festival @jazzavienne , abstractions de formes épurées d'instruments

Proposition graphique pour le festival @solidays , vous en pensez quoi?

Proposition d'affiche pour le festival @laroutedurock Coloré, ryhtmé, à l'image du festival!

Proposition d'affiche animée pour le festival @rockenseine

Proposition graphique pour le festival du film de Lama (magnifique village dans les montagnes corses)

Proposition graphique pour l'affiche du festival @calviontherocks


Since 7 years, the studio is helping projects and companies with their brand identities and web experience.

Alguna was created in 2011 by the designer Olivier Roche, who developed his graphics and web development technics in France, Spain and Switzerland for agencies and international brands.

The areas the studio had the chance to collaborate with are : the culture, art, interior design, architecture, sports, advice and innovative services companies.

Expertise: Art Direction, Logo premium Brand Identity, Design and Web Development (html5, css3, jQuery, Wordpress).


The word alguna, in spanish, is used to define unknown quantity ; within the studio, means the necessity in design to alaways adapt to unknown and different contests.

Each project is different: the objective, the idea, the technique used ... Only the organisation's plan remains the same:

  • 1


    Communication is king. To insure the best result of a project, we need to define together each detail of it, understanding its span but also its boundaries.

  • 2


    Design isn't magic. As each project is different from any other one, this stage is related to studying, brainstorming and sketching some eventual axis of creation.

  • 3


    Form is as much important as function. After validating together the creative lines of the scheme, it's time to up sleeves and designing each part of the project.

  • 4


    The final straight. Last step, but probably the most important that includes final touches, providing the materials created and explaining the way you can use them.


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7 rue Rachais
69003 Lyon / France